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Resene has an extensive range of Environmental Choice approved paints that have been independently verified, including no added VOCs and an extensive range of low VOC products.

Once you have finished decorating, return your unwanted paint and paint packaging to the Resene PaintWise recycling and product stewardship programme and let us take care of them for you. Or if you prefer to get someone else to do the work for you, you can hire a Resene Eco.Decorator. Resene Eco.Decorators are a nationwide network of environmentally responsible, quality focussed painting contractors so you can hire them to complete your decorating projects with the confidence that the contractor is committed to sustainable work principles in their work processes.

Paint yourself green with a Resene Eco.Decorato

Sustainable decorating is more than just choosing an Environmental Choice approved paint. It is also making sure that it is applied in an environmentally responsible manner following sustainable principles.

Resene EcoDecorator
The Resene Eco.Decorator programme has been designed to recognise a nationwide network of environmentally responsible, quality focused painting contractors. Painting contractors can choose to undergo assessment for the Resene Eco. Decorator program, which includes assessments of principles in practice, sustainable work practices, waste management, project plans and project sign off processes.
Only contractors who successfully meet these standards can promote themselves as an authentic Resene Eco.Decorator.
By choosing the services of an Eco.Decorator to complete your decorating projects, you will have the confidence that the contractor is committed to sustainable principles in their work processes.

When you hire a certified Resene Eco.Decorator, you will enjoy:

  • A professional quality painting service.
  • Sustainable paint systems and wherever possible use of waterborne paints and Environmental Choice approved products on your project to minimise the smell, harm to the environment, and enable water washup.
  • Waste products will be managed in a recognised environmentally responsible manner using the Resene PaintWise programme and other appropriate systems.
  • The Eco.Decorator’s commitment to continually monitor and upgrade their responsibilities and work closely with Resene and the Resene Eco.Decorator programme.

Book an Eco.Decorator for your next project and enjoy the 4-way guarantee.

"We work closely with Resene colour consultant as well as the Resene paint rep who over sees the type of paint used as well makes sites visits and liaises between paint contractor, colour consultant and client/home owner."

Environmental Choice

Resene is well-known for its role in introducing waterborne paint to the local market in the 1950s and for its groundbreaking move to remove lead from its decorative paint products in the late 1960s. Joining the Environmental Choice programme in 1996 was another logical step, reaffirming our commitment to the environment.

Joining the Environmental Choice programme also gave Resene the impetus to solve a common headache for customers caused by strong smelling paint, by removing virtually all odorous material from popular Resene interior finishes, such as Resene Zylone Sheen giving high-quality products without strong-smelling solvent odours. The end result? Decorators can paint interior areas and put the area back into service almost immediately, rather than waiting for days for the strong-smelling odours to disappear. The incidence of headaches, asthma, nausea, respiratory complaints and allergic reactions can also be easily reduced by simply choosing to use low odour paint. While Resene paint odour levels are not high, the patented low odour technology provides more pleasant working and living conditions for those sensitive to paint odours during painting. 
The second part of the solution was to introduce waterborne products that could be used in place of solvent-borne products, such as Resene Enamacryl and Resene Lustacryl . Today these products have been joined by Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen and Resene SpaceCote Flat waterborne enamels bringing enamel style toughness to interior broad wall and wet areas without the unwanted solvents and high sheen levels associated with solvent borne paints that were previously used in these areas. With these products, decorators reap the benefits of easy water washup, lower odour and a fraction of the VOCs of the solvent-borne products they were traditionally forced to use for wet areas, trim and joinery.
Our policy covers a comprehensive range of waterborne primers, undercoats, topcoats, pigmented and clear coatings, mastics and specialised waterproofing and textured coatings. Resene can offer an environmental choice for almost all painting situations. Our Environmental Choice products are from the existing range of Resene paints, confirming our commitment to quality and reaffirming that you don’t need to sacrifice quality and sustainable product performance to get an environmentally preferable option. Resene products are formulated with high-quality ingredients and manufactured to strict specifications then tinted when required with highly concentrated Resene tinters with no added VOCs to provide desired colour solutions without significant loss in paint performance. The quality of the tinters and tones allows the same spectrum of colours to be supplied for both interior and exterior use with most colours requiring only two topcoats to cover.


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 Diamond Certified
Resene - Enviro-Mark Diamond certified


Award Winner
Resene wins a Sustainable Business Network Trailblazer Award

Award Winner
Green Ribbon Award - Category: Innovative solutions for the environments

Award Winner
Winner Sustainable 60 awards - Exemplar and Marketplace

Award Winner
Resene - Sustainable Business of the Year 2010



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