New Home Internal and External Painting

The House Spray Painting Process

When we arrive at your new house to paint we start by taking off the doors and filling all nail holes. We mask out aluminium joinery and any tiled areas.
Then it is time to spray on the sealer coats to all surfaces to be painted 
Next is ceilings, our house painters spray the ceilings with ceiling flat or optional low sheen for a wipeable surface (resene has a new product for spraying ceilings space coat flat acrylic enamel).

We prepare the window and door frames for spraying. The acrylic enamel is sprayed to a certain thickness and is dried of with a heat gun to prevent runs. By Spraying acrylic enamels on the window-door frames and doors it comes out looking like the powder coated joinery.

The walls are finished off with brush and roller for a slight textured finish (low sheen).

The garage is masked out (including garage floor) and turned into a spray booth to spray paint the doors, and then the garage is finished to the same standard as the house.

There are options to enhance the finish - 3in1 which is plaster and sealer in one coat which is sprayed on to bring the surface up to a level 5 finish.
Some commonly asked questions about spraying & house painting 

If the spray finish is damaged is it easy to fix up?

Yes it is we have developed a method to do this without having to re-mask and spray (most experienced house painters know how to do this) 

What is the difference between brushing and spraying? 

If a house painter is brushing an opaque colour he will charge you to put extra coats on, when we spray the paint goes on a lot thicker (no need for extra coats) the appearance is far superior no brush marks smooth like the aluminium joinery and we use twice as much paint. 

Would you paint our house for the same price as a brush painter? 

Yes, we all work to a similar m2 rate, the difference is in the speed and quality finish.

Brush and spray are two different painting systems. Spray uses twice as much paint and gives a far superior finish, it's a bit like comparing apples with oranges.  Housing companies throughout New Zealand require faster systems with a high-quality finish, it is the same with builders now using nail guns instead of hammers.


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